A Smart installation is being used and promoted in the biggest live immersive game yet... Variant31! Are you brave enough to face their 150 zombie performers?

"Again all it took was a call to our sister company Smart Wireless and it sounded like a disaster zone that was being described to me. I was hooked, we jumped in the car and met with the production manager, it had been missed off the design, the wireless network that is, and within in hours Smart Wireless has produced a desktop survey and we had calculated the cable runs. All of this was done in black dark rooms with Zombies walking around. How do we get here? and then to here via there? We were asking, via slides, through gaps in walls, it was an adventure.


Needless to say AP’s went in and the 151 camera install went albeit a lot slower as the routes and locations needed approval along with the ancillary elements". - 'RS' Director

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Working like Zombies with weekend work & long hours & then being attacked by zombies as it’s London’s new Premier Zombie Production soon to open!

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