SSI selects TAURI Temperature Check Tablet to aid safe office re-opening

When SSI, a major financial institution was planning to re-open their office the safety of their staff and visitors was paramount. SSI had a responsibility to ensure that anyone entering the building was social distancing, they were using hand sanitiser, that no one entering had a ‘rogue temperature’ and that they had the correct PPE (such as a mask).


After researching the market to find the best quality and most easily configurable solution, they opted for the TAURI Temperature Check Tablet.

Easy to configure

“I needed a robust product as we do not know how long we will be in this situation for”said PB, Facilities Manager at SSI. “I chose this one because it looked sleek and professional as well as easy to use and configure”.


TAURI is easy to configure to detect pre-set ‘rogue’ temperatures in 1 second. It can also be configured to send an automated email alert when it detects a ‘rogue’ temperature and capture an image of the ‘offender’ for easy identification. It can also detect if an individual is not wearing a face-covering and will display an alert and instruction to put on a mask.

Robust and economical

Based on technology developed in Germany, the highly accurate sensor measures with a tolerance of +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius. “Economically, it was the best product that I found on the market.We also liked it that it was manufactured in America with German thermal sensors. We highly recommend the product for 20-150 visitors a day” added PB.


TAURI is being constantly updated with frequent upgrades enabling you to stay ahead of developments. “Since having the Tauri, there has already been three firmware updates withvastly improvedfeatures and new benefits as, like with COVID, there is an ever growing and changing requirement”commented PB.

Smart advice

SSI partnered with Hertfordshire-based Smart plc, a leading provider of bespoke electrical, data, AV and security solutions, to advise and supply the best and most appropriate solution.

“Dealing with Smart was easy with great communications; they provided data sheets and online guides which made our commercials easy to have approved,” said PB. 


“Our clients need to ensure their premises are COVID-secure and that their staff and visitors feel safe,” said Russell Solts, CEO of Smart plc. “The challenges faced by SSI are a great example of what we are seeing with many companies that are looking to re-open their premises safely and productively”.