Southbank Place–illuminated hoarding

In the shadow of the London Eye and close to Waterloo Station, Southbank Place represents a signature development for joint venture developers Canary Wharf Group and Qatari Diar. As a result, the perimeter branding scheme created by Octink needed to not only highlight the future development’s features but also make a strong brand impression. However, with limited space for ballast and kentledge behind the hoarding, the solution needed to achieve maximum impact with a minimal footprint.


The scheme features digitally printed hoarding, complemented by recessed LED strip lighting to ensure the branding remains prominent at night. Some sections also feature graphics that rise above the hoarding line. In addition, five 6 meters by 3.15 meter LED-illuminated digitally printed flex-face lightboxes project above the hoarding and three LED-illuminated digitally printed flex-face free-standing signs are installed in prominent corners, all with visuals that echo the message on the hoarding below.


Production entailed installing  495 meters of LED lights. With the location of the site alongside busy roads and the hoarding line ending at the road’s edge in most places, installation presented a challenge. However, we overcame this and met stakeholder and enforcement body requirements by putting traffic management in place, applying for permits for cycle lane closure and conducting most work at night to minimise disruption.


The Southbank Place project is another great example of our focus on planning and the management of complex logistics, and our client was certainly pleased with the end result "Isn’t the hoarding fantastic! All of the different parts are beautifully executed including the community panels which are uplifting and engaging. It must be the best LED illuminated hoarding in London!"

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