Paxton Access Control

While Smartplc can install a range of access control systems, the preferred and recommended offering is the Paxton Access Control system. With over 30 years’ experience, the Paxton offering has evolved from simple door access products to encompass IP based access solutions and intelligent building systems. Based in Brighton, East Sussex, Paxton still manufacture locally. Exporting to over sixty countries and with over 25,000 buildings secured by Paxton, the Paxton solution has become a globally recognised brand.

Smartplc as an Accredited Installer for Paxton Access Control

It is the Smartplc philosophy to strive to achieve the highest level of accreditation with a manufacturer partner. The process of becoming accredited with Paxton Access Control systems involves both sales and technical training. The Paxton Net2 technical training looks at installation techniques. Any Paxton Access Control system installed by Smartplc will be undertaken by an engineer that has been fully trained by Paxton on all elements of the installation process.

Ongoing Paxton Training

With the Paxton Access Control Net2 training, there is are two levels of engineer training. All of the Smartplc engineers working on the installation side of Paxton Access Control products have been through the ‘Net2 Essential Training’. This is a hands on course and should be a minimum requirement for anyone working with Paxton hardware.

The Paxton ‘Net2 Advanced Training’ is the next stage on and aimed at designers. This course has been attended by two of the Smartplc team and takes a more in-depth look at the Paxton Net2 applications. As well as more advanced installation information, the ‘Net2 Advanced Training’ also looks at software configurations and integration with other third party systems.

Free Paxton Access Control Session

Is your Paxton system up to date? From now until the end of November, Smartplc is offering a free site visit to evaluate your Paxton Access Control system. The Paxton Engineer will look at the current configuration and make recommendations on any remedial work that will improve system performance. A key part of the free visit will be how the Paxton system is backed up.

To find out more about the free consultancy visit from a Smartplc Paxton Access Control consultant, simply call 0345 3 822 833 or email

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