Ofsted requirements & compliance: must have a secure perimeter

A child’s safety while at their place of learning is sacrosanct, but are all schools meeting the OFSTED requirements that it must have a secure perimeter and a method to ensure no unauthorised access?

Smart is a Paxton approved installer and access control is a key component of the product and services portfolio. At a school in St Albans the initial requirement was for a Paxton Net2 door entry system, but when the Smart Consultant visited site the requirement was expanded to include an 8Mtr automated sliding gate to ensure full OFSTED compliance.

The Smart bespoke solution integrated the Paxton software with the automated gate to allow fob access for teachers, video door entry for guests and a fireman’s override switch. The best bit was that the gate can be opened by just dialling a number remotely.

The total package of products and services included all electrical work, integration of the Paxton software as well as the civil works was carried out by Smart, with the sliding gate installed to the exacting BS EN 12453 standards. All the work was project managed to ensure the full solution was delivered on time and within budget.

Call for bespoke OFSTED compliance recommendations and hear how we can help.

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