It's only a minute - network installations

From fibre back bones to voice, data and WiFi network installations.

In a regular day how long do you take to browse through your Facebook news feed, Tweet a funny quote, Instagram the most recent selfie or simply check your emails?

Definitely a task that takes longer than a minute? But on the internet, in one minute there are things happening which one can never achieve even in a lifetime.

By the time you have read this post the following would have occurred:

  • 1.3 million youtube videos viewed

  • 2 million+ search queries

  • 6 million facebook views

  • 6 new wikipedia articles updated

  • 135 botnet infections

  • 320+ new twitter accounts

  • 20 million photo views on flicker

  • 61,141 hours of music played

  • 20 new victims of identitiy theft

  • 204 million emails sent

  • 100+ new linkedin accounts created

  • 639,800 GB of global IP data transferred

  • 83,000$ of sales made on amazon

  • 47,000 app downloads

If that sounded shocking, try to digest the fact that in 2015 the total number of networked devices was twice as the entire world population!

So the question is, is your network ready? Is it stable and can it manage the data thruput that is needed for 2019?

Not sure or the answer is no? Then call Smart today and let us come and look and see how we can help. From fibre back bones to voice, data and wifi network installations – we have the solutions to help.

Contact Smart in relation to Network Installations on 0845 3 822 833 or

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