Data centre and comms room audits

Could Data Centre or Comms Room audits save you time and money?

The catalyst behind most comms room audits is because aesthetically it is a mess; patch cords resembling a bird nest and the proverbial brood of vipers living under the false floors. During an upgrade more cables are added, but are redundant connections removed? I thought not!

A smart comms room audit goes beyond re-patching a cabinet; the network hardware, schematic drawings, fibre and copper tests are all key components. As well as being fully trained, the Smart engineers will have the most up to date test equipment for both copper and fibre cabling. With a stock of spares on the van, the engineer can often also rectify any obvious faults on the spot.

As an NICEIC accredited organisation, the audit is not limited to the data network. A recent electrical audit started with a visual inspection of the existing comms room PDUs that appeared to show 95% utilisation. Smart were tasked to undertake an intrusive electrical test and inspection, the result of which was the actual utilisation was less than 25%. The savings that resulted were considerable, with no requirement for an additional PDU an obvious starting point.

The Smart audit process involves an initial site visit from a seasoned project manager and qualified engineer who will formulate an agreed scope of works.

The work is then scheduled in (and can be out of hours, if need be) undertaken and results provided in a full and detailed report with accompanying drawings and images. It will also include a fully itemised quotation to undertake any further recommended remedial works.

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