Benefits of a manufactured backed 25 year cabling warranty

A 25 year cabling warranty that is backed by one of the cabling industry’s leading manufacturers is usually free to end users. With a 25 year cabling warranty an IT Manager has peace of mind that any new cabling will be standards compliant. If anything does go wrong over the 25 years it will be rectified by the manufacturer at no cost.

25 Year Cabling Warranty – Do you have one?

The 25 year cabling warranty is free from most of the leading cabling manufacturers, so taken up by most end users? Wrong; one of the leading cabling manufacturers quotes that less than 10% of installs are covered by a 25 year cabling warranty.

As a no cost benefit why would you not take up the option of a 25 year cabling warranty for a key component of the mission critical network?

25 Year Cabling Warranty – Why is it important?

If one thing is certain about computer systems, it is that we do not know what the future holds. An example of standards evolving is around Power-over-Ethernet. Power-over-Ethernet is only possible with a robust cabling system that is standards compliant. A application cabling warranty means that the networking cabling will support the evolution of Power-over-Ethernet over the lifetime of the cabling solution.

25 Year Cabling Warranty – What not to do

For many years, cabling has not been given the importance that it deserves. With 80% of network downtime due to problems at the physical layer, all business should have a strategy for network cabling in place.

In reality, the selection process for what cabling solution to install is not robust. End users would not decide on switches or routers without evaluating the benefits of various manufacturers. Why is a similar process not adopted for the equally important cable infrastructure?

25 Year Cabling Warranty – The process for applying for a warranty

The process around applying for a 25 year cabling warranty is based on the cabling being installed by an accredited partner. Smartplc, for example is accredited with numerous cabling systems and the certification can be obtained simply by uploading the site details and test results.

End users should ensure that any network cabling is installed by an accredited partner and all cabling tested with a Fluke, or equivalent, tester.

The Smart Options

The Smartplc team has worked with all of the leading cabling manufacturers over the last 20 years. Examples of manufacturer backed application warranties available from Smartplc include:

Excel – 25 Year Cabling Warranty

Covering copper, fibre and cabinets, the Excel warranty is a 25 year application warranty. All warranties are processed through an online process making the process quick and easy.

Brand Rex – 25 Year Cabling Warranty

Covering the full cost of replacement, the Brand Rex application warranty is for end-to-end Brand Rex copper and fibre solutions.

Nexans – 25 Year Cabling Warranty

An online process, the Nexans 25 year application warranty covers copper and fibre and includes the Nexans Cat7A solution with their unique GG45 connectors.

Hubbell – 25 Year Cabling Warranty

Marketed as the Hubbell ‘Mission Critical Warranty’, the 25 year application warranty covers performance, components and installation integrity.

Connectix – 25 Year Cabling Warranty

A 25 year application warranty for copper and fibre that is available for end-to-end solutions based on the Connectix product range.

Smartplc is an accredited partner with Excel, Brand Rex, Nexans, Hubbell and Connectix, so can deliver the warranty at no additional cost to clients.

To find out more about the 25 year cabling warranties available from Smartplc simply call 0345 3 822 833 or email

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