London Docks

50-Watt LED Flood's cable tied to the tripods plugged into double sockets and faced towards the mosaic-like window. Simple but effective!


Who’d think such a small light could be so bright? Well, we did! And that’s why we’re the experts. You can rely on us to use our technical knowledge to work out the best solution for you!


Pendants carefully measured to meet our client's specifications. Steady hands were required to hold that flex!


It was a busy, cold, November night at London Docks. Here Smart’s Senior Electrician was finishing up a lighting and electrical installation, making sure the new lights were correctly plugged into the newly installed sockets to create this stunning signage for all passers-by to gaze at!

Working closely with on-site builders, Smart was successfully able to provide a bespoke electrical and lighting installation. Even when the work is for temporary usage, Smart will ensure that the quality will remain as high as a job that has a more long-term purpose.