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Zappi is the UK's leading EV charging point which is British made. Not only does it operate like the usual chargers but it has 3 charging modes to utilise your 100% green energy generated from Wind or Solar if desired.

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Set Timers

At certain hours ‘time of use energy tariffs’ are significantly cheaper. With zappi, you can use the ‘boost timer’ option to start charging at times with the lowest rates. It’s a cost-saving charging alarm clock for your EV!

No Earth Rod

zappi is the only electric car charger with built-in PEN fault technology. It’s the safest choice for an electric car charger, eliminating the need to install additional earth rods means no extra costs & an easy install

PV charging

zappi works in harmony with your Solar PV or wind generation, meaning you can charge your car using green energy for free. If you haven’t got a renewable energy source at home, zappi works just like any other charger in ‘fast mode’.

Remote Access

The myenergi app & hub allow you to access your devices from anywhere in the world! Visual graphs allow you to monitor your import/export information all in one place.

Pincode protected

A 5 digit pincode is a security feature integrated into this smart electric car charging point, should you wish to use it. It prevents people from changing your settings, or using your charger without permission or tampering.

What products we have to offer

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We offer the Zappi tethered with many different options.

  • 7kW

  • 22kW

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Are You Entitled? 


The OLEV EVHS grant allows you to reduce the cost of your home charging unit by £350.

Your Eligibility Checklist...

  • You have dedicated off-street parking 

  • Your plug-in vehicle was purchased after 1 October 2016 

  • You have not already claimed the grant for your vehicle 

  • By claiming the grant, you are not exceeding the limit of two OLEV funded charge points per household 

  To Check Eligibility

Click here for OLEV’s Ts & Cs (PDF download) 
*All prices subject to site survey/site conditions/location of property/location of charging point/OLEV. 


Data Sheets

Zappi Data Sheet

Harvi Data Sheet

Hub & App Data Sheet